Friday, January 19, 2018

All the Pretty Little Teacups

       Hello everyone!

    I can't believe the week has
   slipped by already.
Maybe, I have been having
too much fun playing with
my camera!

I decided to tidy up my teacup
collection.......well one cupboard
full anyway and thought you
might like to see some photos
of them. I think a lot of us are
teacup collectors.

Anyway, I have a lot of pretty teacups
but today's collection is mostly
in shades of pink.

The exception to my pink
theme of the day.

Dainty rosebuds

Hope you enjoyed seeing some of
my pretty little teacups.
Someday, soon I will organize all
my teapots and share those with
you as well.

       Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Thursday, January 18, 2018

A Winter White Tea

        Hello everyone!

     We woke up this morning to a winter

       We got about  20 cm. of snow with no
wind so the trees are laden.

It is a good day to enjoy a
winter white tea.

We can see the beautiful winter
outdoors as we enjoy our tea.

Enjoy a sugar cookie!

                                                                   This tea set was  a thrift
                                                                    find recently.

Our tea today is a 
Green Tea

The view out the window

                                             The beauty of a winter white world.
                                                        Wishing you a beautiful day!